Education Consolidation and Improvement Act

Chapter 1 of this act is the primary source of federal aid to elementary and secondary schools across the country. It authorizes funds to help school districts meet the special educational needs of educationally deprived children in low income areas, and to provide compensatory education services for children with disabilities.

The federal funds must be used to pay for services that supplement a child's basic special education program, such as:

  • Instruction
  • Physical education
  • Mobility training
  • Counseling
  • Prevocational and vocational education
  • Teacher and teacher aide training
  • Construction and purchase of equipment

Any child with a disability is eligible for such services if:

  • The state is responsible for providing the child's education, and
  • The child is participating in a state-operated or state-supported program for children with disabilities, or previously participated in such a program and is now being educated by a local education agency.


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